Forever best sms collection

Father's Day sms Daddy's hands were soft & kind whn I waz crying... Daddy's hands were hard as steel whn I'd done wrong... Daddy's hands weren't always the same... But whn i came to understand, there was always love & care in mah Daddy's hands... Whn i die please don't come near my dead soul... Continue Reading →


Top reasons why You should Quit FACEBOOK!!

Enough are the reasons for which you might no longer want to get glued to the world’s once most trusted and used social networking site- no other than Facebook. Here are the world’s best top 10 reasons why you want to shut down your Facebook. We are not going against FB’s work but how we... Continue Reading →

Hack your friends mig account!!!

Note: Sorry due to day by day upgrading system of mig33 this trick doesnt work now. But i hadnot remove this post so that the new mig users would also know how could they hack mig33 password with a simple trick before!! You can use this trick to hack your friends mig password or any... Continue Reading →

Tips to get high level in mig33

Some of the following tips can help you to get high level faster then others. Tips are listed below: 1. Stay connect with Mig33.(8 hours/day) 2. Use 3usd at each week as gift/emotions/avatar. 3. Mostly chat in private as much as you can. 4. Recieve 100 gifts/mig level. 5. Post on your comments on wall/groups/avatar.... Continue Reading →

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