The Boy in the war!!!

This is a story about a soldier named Barry who fought in the civil war of san-francisco. Many brave young men stepped forward to join the savage war. Barry had also left his home and his old parents to do his part in this war. After months of fierce fighting, the unrest finally came to a halt. Barry wanted to be back home with his parents but before that he gave a call.
In the conversation, Barry told his parents how gruesome the war had been and shared stories of bravery and camaraerie. while in the talk, Barry suddenly changed the topic and said, ” I ahve a friend who has no one in this world. Would it be fine if i bring him along with me Ma?? But…”
“Sure son! We will live as a family’, replied his mother without waiting for Barry to complete his sentence..
“But….” continued Barry, “he lost a hand and leg in the war when he accidently stepped on a mine.”

There was an awkward pause in the conversation. Then the mother, with a deep sigh, replied emphatically, “Barry, don’t bring him here, he’ll only be a burden for us as he won’t be able to take care of himself or work on his own.” As soon as the mother finished saying this, the phone was disconnected.

A week later, Barry’s parents received a call from the San Francisco Police .The police informes th old couple about the death of their beloved son with whom they had a talk over the phone just a week back. According to the police Barry had jumped from a 20 story building.
The desperste couple rushed to the San Francisco police station from where they were taken to the city morgue to identify the body. The old couple broke into tears as they saw their son’s body lying cold like a stone.

To their utter surprise, he had just an arm and a leg……


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