Setup facebook-chat in your mig33!!

I found that many of the mig users are having trouble in enabling facebook chat in their mig33 account. So after trying several tricks personally here i have posted one of the most successful and effective trick!! Here it goes>>>>
1. First open opera mini browser in your mobile.
2. Now login in your facebook account in it.
3. Then without logging out your facebook account enter in the site bar and log in your mig33 account in the mig33 official mobile site.
4. Again go to the site bar and enter
and you will see facebook set up there.
5. Now click on the link and you are done. You will get the message that your facebook account is linked with your mig account.
Now you can enjoy facebook chat in your 4.2 and above versions..

(Note: During the whole process be sure that your either of the account is not automatically logged out.)
Please join our group in facebook. “MiGGeRs On FacebOOk!!”


Hack your friends mig account!!!

Note: Sorry due to day by day upgrading system of mig33 this trick doesnt work now. But i hadnot remove this post so that the new mig users would also know how could they hack mig33 password with a simple trick before!!

You can use this trick to hack your friends mig password or any mig account which is registered with a mobile number i.e. within your physical contact or reach.

This tricks can be used from any official version of mig33. At first get the mobible number of your friends from which his/her mig account is registered. (Simply you can ask their cell phone for a fake reason like you wanna tranfer a song to your cell phone via bluetooth) Then open any mig33 version. Now before you login with an mig33 account, scroll down and you can see there a tab of FORGET PASSWORD. Enter the mobile number of your friend. Then when you press ok you will receive a text message with his/her mig username and password in less than a minute in their cell phone. Now you know their username and password. This a simple trick to get the mig password of your friend’s account.
(Note: Be alert when you are using this trick and dont forget to delete the text received in their cell phone because if somehow your friends knows about it, he/she will change their password and might not give their cell to you the next time.)

So mig user’s be careful when your friends ask for your cell phone!!

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Tips to increase your mig33 likes, footprints and avatar votes!!

Increase your mig likes and footprints
Before few times ago your mig level must be 20+ to like a profile. Certainly mig has declined its criteria to the level 10 users. Coming to the recent days from past, many advance features are added to the recent versions of mig33. Before; you should have to enter in a chatroom, request a user in private or in the room to like your profile and so do you. Now you donot have to face such a burden. You can simply download a swifty mig (A modified version of mig33) to increase your likes, footprints and so on.. You can get swifty mig from or etc.. A particular chatrooms are created to use this features and get fastest likes. You can simply type .lk and .fp to get likes and footprints respectively in the chat rooms. But it also works on any rooms where there are other user logging via swifty. Footprints are the new features of mig33 added just before few months. This features allow users to notify about the people who visited their profile recently. But remember your profile must be set public to leave and get footprints.

Increase your avatar votes
There is not such automatic version of mig released yet which can be used to increase your avatar votes automatically like footprints and likes. You have to go through manual process for it. Visit your friends profile and click in avatar vote tab. But an advantage is given to it. Unlike likes, a user can give avatar vote to another user daily. Which means after 24 hrs of voting you can again vote the same user. In likes you can only do it once from your account when you go through manual process. Mig33 has also reduced its criteria to level 10 users from 20 just before few days ago.

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