Do more with New Facebook Messages!!

Now, the message box of social giant Facebook is not limited to just sending or receiving updates inside the Facebook interface. The newly upgraded Facebook messages allow users to use FB messages like a complete email solution integrated with Instant chat, SMS (Short Message Service) and File attachment. Facebook had announced this service few months ago but had left users with disappointment of not instant upgrading of their messages. New Facebook Messages System In the New Facebook Messages; one can see all messages together with full conversation history with your own private Facebook email address. Each user gets an email address in the format of However, this may lead to potential spamming in future if the Facebook team doesn’t give enough care about. There are a number of actions available to the message and another good point is that you can attach a multiple number of files – not just pics. Moreover, not all users including us from Nepal can not use the Facebook text(SMS) to messages and vice versa services or visit this link If you still do not have access to the upgraded messages system, send us a Facebook message we shall invite you to use the new Facebook email. (Upgraded from Team TechSansar )


Is Facebook shutting down on March 15th, 2011?

The quick answer to the above question is obviously, SURELY NOT, it is just another rumor. Since few days the news about shutting down of Facebook has skyrocketed. According to some sites and latest updates of Jan 8, 2011 Facebook is going to end in March 15th, 2011; users will no longer be able to access their Facebook accounts says Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO. However, the FB staffers respond that they are not circulated regarding this so will continue to work. “Facebook has gotten out of control,” said Zuckerberg in a press conference outside his Palo Alto office, “and the stress of managing this company has ruined my life. I need to put an end to all the madness.” According to; Facebook will end on March 15th based on Zuckerberg’s press conference but the truth regarding the same has yet to be verified. This has created hoax and people are twitting about the same, some are even making groups to not to take such actions for FB team. We have been reading and hearing the Facebook shutting down rumors since 2007; with frequent such updates time to time. However, Facebook has dismissed rumors that the site is shutting down, after millions of its users got panicked. Why would any businessman (or shall we say philanthropist like Zuckerberg) would stop their business suddenly because of stress? Every business wants more customers, of course. However, it is all up to the FB President. (Upgraded from Team

Anuradha Koirala

Please vote for ANURADHA KOIRALA from NEPAL for CNN HERO of the year 2010.

“आफु त पशु पनि बाँच्छ याहाँ, अरुको लागि बाँचेर त हेर, जीवन कति सुन्दर छ भनेर बल्ल थाहा पाउनेछौं।”
हामी सँधै केहि गर्न सकेनौँ भन्छौँ; जीवनमा राम्रो काम गर्न सकेन भन्न्छौँ तर कमसिकम राम्रो काम गर्नेलाई साथ त दिन सक्छौँ नी, होइन त!!!
इतिहासले मात्र राष्ट्र चिनिदैन याहाँ, हिउँले भरिएको भुगोलले मात्र राष्ट्रिएता थेग्दैन याहाँ।
न याहाँ राम छन्, न याहाँ बुद्ध आउँछन् न कृष्ण नै! याहाँ केवल असल मान्छे जन्मिन्छ, जसका जल्दा-बल्दा उदाहराण हुन्,”अनुराधा कोइराला।”
आऊनुस्, हामी सबै फेरी एकपटक अनुपम नेपाल र नेपालीलाई विश्वसामु चिनाऔं।

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