A brief history of gurung (tamu) society

GURUNG The Gurung people are an ethnic group who migrated from Tibet in the 6th century to the central region of Nepal. Gurung, Sherpa, Tamang, Thakali, Manaaggi, Mustaaggi, Walunggi and many east Asian featured people of Nepal are the indigenous people of Nepal’s mountainous valleys. Their ancestors practiced Tibetan Buddhism and Bön (shamanism). According to... Continue Reading →

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The Gurung: Their Hidden History

The Gurungs: who are also known as TAMU, are hill people. As the movement of people from one place to another is a historical phenomenon, Gurung an ethic group migrated from Mongolia in the 6th century to the central region of Asia. The word 'Gurung' is actually pronounced as 'Gu-Rewan', which is the combination of... Continue Reading →

Remove Graph Search From Facebook!!

As we all know facebook has introduced new Facebook's Graph Search few months ago, its certainly going to give you some new user experience. Everybody have their own view regarding FB Graph Search. If you've gotten a peek at Facebook's Graph Search but don't like the way it looks, you can get rid of it using a really simple... Continue Reading →

Ten tips to increase your MEMORY

Here are ten quick tips on how to improve memory: 1. Use Repetition - Repeating to yourself the thing you want to remember may be simple, but it really does work. Repeat a phone number several times, for example, and you should remember it for a short while. This works even better if you "sing"... Continue Reading →

Setup facebook-chat in your mig33!!

I found that many of the mig users are having trouble in enabling facebook chat in their mig33 account. So after trying several tricks personally here i have posted one of the most successful and effective trick!! Here it goes>>>> 1. First open opera mini browser in your mobile. 2. Now login in your facebook... Continue Reading →

The Boy in the war!!!

This is a story about a soldier named Barry who fought in the civil war of san-francisco. Many brave young men stepped forward to join the savage war. Barry had also left his home and his old parents to do his part in this war. After months of fierce fighting, the unrest finally came to... Continue Reading →

Ten secrets of success

How many of these 10 secrets of success do you practice??? Review the below article and look at yourself and compare... 1. How you think is everytjing. Remember to "think positive" at every opportunity. Visualize success, not failure. Avoid negative environments and people. You are what you think. In fact, a study shows that positive... Continue Reading →

Ten principles to guide you.

Someone has written these beautiful words. One must read and try to understand the deep meanings in them. They are like the Ten Commandments to follow in life all the time. 1 ] Prayer is not a "spare wheel" that you pull out when in trouble; i t is a "steering wheel" that directs us... Continue Reading →

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